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William Goren discusses Martinez v. County of Alameda

In his post “Fundamental Alteration, Undue Burden, Deliberate Indifference, Facially Neutral Policies, and the Title II entity,” attorney William Goren discusses the January 21, 2021 Order Denying [Defendants’] Motion to Dismiss in our case, Martinez v. County of Alameda et al., 512 F. Supp. 3d 978 (N.D. Cal. 2021):

The case involves a blind individual who asked for help with respect to filling out a fictitious name form because she was blind. When the help was refused, she filed suit. As usual the blog entry is divided into categories, which track how the case was laid out. The categories are: facts; title II overview; facially neutral policies; fundamental alteration/undue burden; deliberate indifference; and thoughts/takeaways.

You can view the full docket for the case via CourtListener.