Audio of Request for Assistance at the CRO

On March 29, 2019, Lisamaria Martinez visited the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder’s Office to file a form. Since she is blind, she requested assistance with reading and writing on the paper form.

This recording of Ms. Martinez’s visit to the CRO is part of that interaction and was heard by the jury in her successful lawsuit against the County, Martinez v. County of Alameda, 3:20-cv-06570 (N.D. Cal.) (filed Sep. 18, 2019). A transcript is provided below as well.

Lisamaria Martinez: Wait a minute. Is Laura here yet?

CRO clerk: She’s not.

Lisamaria: So it’s been 55 minutes since I last came up here.

CRO clerk: Okay.

Lisamaria: And 45 minutes since she said it was going to take her 20.

CRO clerk: Okay. Let me try to see if there’s another supervisor to help you, because actually before I even-

Lisamaria: Well, where did you go when I asked you if there was someone in charge?

CRO clerk: Because I went and looked and I…

Lisamaria: Okay. Okay.

CRO clerk: … everybody on my list to find a supervisor.

Lisamaria: Okay. Cool.

CRO clerk: So yeah.

Lisamaria: I’ll wait right here.

CRO clerk: Okay.

Lisamaria: Thanks.

Lisamaria: It’s 2:36. I’m recording. I put my phone face up.

[ Background noise and talking ]

Lisamaria: 2:38.

[ Background noise and talking ]

Lisamaria: Do your supervisors really take long lunches like this?

CRO clerk: Well, they take an hour lunch. I’m not sure when she left, but when I looked at the clock, it was 1:40.

Lisamaria: Yeah.

CRO clerk: So I think she had left at one o’clock, but she could have left later.

Lisamaria: You sure you won’t reconsider helping me fill out this one line that isn’t filled out?

CRO clerk: It’s not just one line, ma’am. It’s considered a form.

Lisamaria: I don’t understand the section that I’m missing. You said it was section C one?.

CRO clerk: I’m not going to fill it out. I can tell you what’s wrong with it.

Lisamaria: Could you tell me what’s wrong with it?

CRO clerk: Yes. You have individual checked here.


CRO clerk: But you have LLC here. So there is a box for an LLC.

Lisamaria: So, I’m confused. I’m the sole owner. I just filed the … of an LLC.

CRO clerk: So, that’s an entity. So you’re no longer an individual, you’re filing, according to you, as an LLC.

Lisamaria: Yes. And so …

CRO clerk: And then you would have to check LLC on the application.

Lisamaria: So if I, if I check LLC?

CRO clerk: And then you would have to cross out your name.

Lisamaria: Okay.

CRO clerk: And write your LLC name there.

Lisamaria: Okay.

CRO clerk: You have your personal name here. It has to be the LLC name.

Lisamaria: Okay. See, I thought, because I’m filing this as a fictitious name so that I could do banking and it’s …

CRO clerk: Yes, that’s what that is for.

Lisamaria: Yeah. Well, and so I thought, because I was an individual, I had to do this.

Lisamaria: So I would like to know what legal authority you’re quoting that says you can’t help me.

CRO clerk: Oh. So it is legal that we do not fill this out. So, but you are saying that I’m not helping you, but yet by me filling out your form, I’m breaking the law.

Lisamaria: Okay. Could you tell me what legal …

CRO clerk: So, you know what, I am not going to speak with you anymore. I’ve already referred my supervisor and we can argue here longer. And that’s all that we’re going to do. So I am, I’m …

Lisamaria: I’m simply trying to make you read.

CRO clerk: I’m referring you to my supervisor. I’m going to walk away now.

Lisamaria: Okay.

CRO clerk: Okay. Okay, bye.

Lisamaria: I’ll wait here until a supervisor comes.

CRO clerk: Actually you can …

Lisamaria: No, I’ll wait right here …

CRO clerk: Let me help someone else.

Lisamaria: Okay. I’ll wait right here.

[ Background noise and talking ]

Lisamaria: I’m going to stop the recording now because it’s pointless to record silence while I stand here at the counter stop.